One of the essential desires we may have in life is unconditional love and acceptance. How can we receive these gifts from others if we are yet to bestow them to our Self? This comes with healing on an energetic, unconscious level together with an awareness of our own internal dialogue which may need adjusting to serve us in a more positive and beneficial way.

When we come from an open heart, we can also feel and see our opportunity to love all things into balance, joy, harmony and peace. This awakening from the heart allows the possibility of growth to new levels of spiritual evolvement.

  • What are you currently experiencing in life?

  • Do you know why you have chosen your life experiences?

  • Do you know how to trust your instincts and respect their messages?

  • What is your purpose and passion in this life?

  • Do you want to feel a deeper level of peace and connection with your Higher Spiritual Self, your Soul?

  • Do you at times feel “stuck”?

How do you know if you have a spiritual blockage? In simple terms, there is a discomfort that weaves seamlessly into the emotional and physical areas of your life. Release of a spiritual issue may also clear blockage on other levels, and can significantly support recovery from surgery, disease, and emotional trauma from current challenges and past lives.

The signs of spiritual health include an inner peace so deep that none of the daily challenges of life can shatter the core tranquility.

My commitment is to support you on this journey, and to provide a safe and graceful space for workings of heart and mind to be revealed and explored through “Sacred Healings & Energy Work”. You will be guided and nurtured in a very peaceful, tranquil and private environment.

Each healing session includes the use of pure therapeutic grade essential oils of the highest vibration, energized crystals, and Archangel essences as guided for each treatment. “Inner Child” facilitation may be required as guided.

Some of the benefits include feeling more present and connected to self and others, a greater sense of peace and calmness and increased self-confidence and trust.

These treatments help to shift “stuck” energy, clearing blockages, and as a result may support in releasing past traumas and discontent, healing past wounds and creating new possibilities.

Some clients have reported life-changing experiences after sessions and a greater sense of peaceful balance. Your wellbeing is of paramount importance and I look forward to working with you.
Evie Weaver.


$150 per hour