• Have you recently moved?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable in your home?

  • Have unusual things occurred?

  • Do you feel a sense of not being well or tired when you are home?

  • Does your home feel stale?

Clearing may be needed due to many factors, which contribute to the imbalance or negative energy levels in your home/car and land/garden perimeters.

Factors contributing could be residual energy from others, toxins due to illness or food that contains little nutrition, emotional blockages, presence of negative or grounded entities, normal build-up of excess energy, stressful situations, lack of spiritual protection, and inefficient space usage.

I offer a holistic house/garden/business premises and car clearing service and use a combination of several techniques based on individual cases.

I harness the purifying qualities of Kyphi, crystals, positive intention, sound/music, meditation, energy alignment, emotional/spiritual counselling and advice on how to improve the home space.

I will visit locally within the Mornington Peninsula. For distances outside of this location, there is a travel charge that we can discuss.


30-minute session - $75
60-minute session - $110