Nine Meridians grew as the result of a dream I had where I was shown the significance of the number “9″ in terms of clearing the energy meridians of the human body at all levels; spiritual, emotional, physical and mental.

The pyramid, which forms my logo, was also born from another lucid dream and this was shown to me as a rotating pyramid held on an arrow, resulting in the arrow around the pyramid forming a number “9″. This is aligned with the number of energy centres, or “Chakras” of which we are currently aware.

“In the word ‘pyramid’, ‘pyra’ means fire, the Universal Life Energy or cosmic force, and ‘mid’ stands for middle. So a pyramid harnesses cosmic energy and preserves it in its core. Experiments and testimonials affirm changes in the mental, physical and emotional states of individuals after exposure to pyramid vibrations. It was also intriguing how flowers grew better and faster, how fruits and food products improved in taste and how dead animals did not decay for weeks within a pyramid.

It was found that all life forms and all matter when placed within the pyramid structure, improved in performance, behaviour and appearance. Pyramid energy has, from then on, been successfully applied in healing, as well as in relieving fatigue and tension”.
~ Dr Dhara Bhatt “Pyramid Yantra